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“A Wonderful Experience and Worth Every Penny” – Client Interview

What motivated you to want to do a boudoir session?

I have low self confidence and saw how beautifully literally every woman looked in the pictures. It didn’t matter what therefore picture looked like or how big they were all gorgeous women. The women who posted after their sessions talked about how empowering it was. My boyfriend says I have a Gollum living in my head, and that it tells me things that aren’t true. The Gollum talks a lot of trash about my appearance and how bad it is. I wanted to empower myself and see what everyone else sees in me when they call me beautiful. I don’t see it or feel it normally (re:Gollum), but I hoped the shoot would help that and shut up the Gollum.

What were you most nervous/excited/worried about coming into your session?

I was worried I would be the one Michele failed with, that I somehow wouldn’t end up beautiful in the pictures. I was nervous my face would be horrible, and of course that I would look gross (because well I am gross, at least I thought so until my photo shoot). I was excited about the potential of it. Though I had worries and nerves, I really did for once in my life try to be optimistic and be excited for what I hope would come out of the boudoir session. That hope was not only for amazing pictures but for an improved self outlook.

How did you feel during your session, was there any part that stood out the most to you and why?

I was way less nervous and self-conscious during my session than I expected. Kay helped me relax during while she did my hair and makeup and then Michele was just so casual and nice I could not help but feel at ease. She was super conversational, which helped it be less awkward. Also, she complimented me an insane amount, which sure as hell didn’t hurt, and I’m sure helped make my smile more genuine and natural. Of course, the Gollum popped into my head a few times trying to convince me Michele was disingenuous and that she says those things to all the customers. However, she was so believable she had me shutting down the Gollum in my head. Heck, even if she did compliment everyone (cuz why the hell wouldn’t she?!) that did not mean the compliments weren’t true. I believed her!

What were your thoughts/feelings leaving your session?

Elation! I felt high after the session. The entire day I was grinning ear to ear. I hung out with my friend, and I was annoying the crap out of her with how much was saying things like “I’m so pretty/hot/sexy/etc.” I never had in my life felt as good as I did about myself that day. Honestly, I was dreading the drop from feeling so good. I was not looking forward to going back to how I typically felt. Great news! It’s been a few weeks now, and that feeling has not gone away. I still feel every bit as beautiful and sexy as I did that day. Not once in the weeks since then have I looked at myself in disgust. Not once have I thought I looked ugly. It is a wonderful feeling to like what I see in the mirror. It is a miracle to finally be able to see what everyone else does. I am beautiful. I am sexy. I have always been those things. Kay’s makeup (though gorgeous) is not what made me beautiful and sexy, nor was it Michele’s amazing photography skills. They captured what was already there and made me able to see it. I will be eternally grateful for that. I love my new self-image!

Any other things you want to share about your experience to other ladies who may be wondering what a boudoir session is like?

You will not regret doing this! It is a wonderful experience and worth every penny. My biggest recommendation is to trust in Kay and Michele. They will not steer you wrong with anything. Breath, relax, and have fun! It will be over before you know it! 

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June 26, 2019


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