I began my career in photography in 2008 accidentally when I traveled to Spain as a student and photographed a few weddings happening in the city. These weren't weddings we were hired to shoot, but they happened so frequently, and my husband and I were constantly walking around with our cameras. We came home and our family and friends said we had to pursue this as a career- and after a year or so, we did, under the name of Normand-Ashley Photography.

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On any given night, you could enter my kitchen and find yourself inside the best dance party of your life. My husband Andy is an Emergency Medicine physician, and with three kids at home (14, 5, and 3) we tend to get all of life's craziness out with some intense dance moves, family walks and bike rides, dinner parties and games with friends. I love to try various margaritas. My favorite is a plain ol' house margarita with salt on the rim!

The Massachusetts native on medicine, kitchen dance parties, and her favorite cocktail.

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The best crew I could ask for.

My Family


favorite things

My ultimate Five

He's more than just my husband. He's my best friend and biggest cheerleader

This amazing man


favorite things

My ultimate Five

for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

chocolate cupcakes


favorite things

My ultimate Five

and conversation with friends.

afternoon coffee


favorite things

My ultimate Five

with my favorite people

lazy weekends


favorite things

My ultimate Five

I accidentally fell into boudoir photography when one of my brides asked if I would photograph her in lingerie. I told her "I have no idea what I'm doing, but if you're willing to try, I will give it a go!"
That was 12 years ago. 
Since then, I have realized that my purpose in life is to photograph women, to show women that they are incredible, beautiful, sexy, and that they can do these hard things (i.e, stepping out of their comfort zone) at ANY stage in their lives. We only have one life, and it's time to start acting like it!

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"Michele is AMAZING, to say the least. She welcomed me with her warm smile and sense of humor which immediately made me more comfortable."

Michele is AMAZING, to say the least.