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How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Ok, now that you’ve booked your boudoir shoot, you may be asking “what do I have to do to prepare for my boudoir session?” Every client asks that, and it can be kind of nerve racking. There are tons of nerves and emotions leading up to a boudoir shoot, and that’s ok! I’m here to help! I wanted to write down some guidelines and suggestions to ease and organize your mind and prepare you for this awesome experience!

Tip 1: Skin and Nails

A boudoir experience is a great time to truly pamper yourself. Your hands and feet will be visible in your photos, consider treating yourself to a mani-pedi 2 days prior to your session!

Drink lots of water a week or so leading up to your session. Hydrated skin GLOWS. We want you to look and feel your absolute best, so hydrate up! You don’t want to be dealing with red, irritated skin during your session, so if you wax unwanted hair, please do so at least 3-5 days before your session.

Tip 2: Wear Loose, Baggy clothes to your session

Wear comfy, loose fitting clothing to the studio to avoid lines and indentations from forming on your skin.

Tip 3: To Tan or Not to Tan?

I use to tell clients not to tan before their session. But guess what… I’m not against it. You may tan if you want to, but with caution. If you’ve never had a spray tan before, try it out a couple of weeks before your session and opt for something natural, then again whenever they recommend doing it before your session (at least 1-2 days). If you plan to be in the sun, keep in mind that tan lines can be sexy, BUT sunburns are not!

Tip 4: Prepping your hair

If you are planning to have our studio artist style your hair for your session (it’s included), I recommend washing and conditioning your hair the night before. This way, your hair is clean and dry (not weighed down with products) and is ready to be styled for your session. If you have naturally tight curls and wish to have it styled in beachy waves, we recommend straightening it before coming in, but it’s not required!

Tip 5: Get Your Lingerie Ready

Are you bringing pieces from home? If so, make sure to remove price tags. Pack your bag the night before to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Tip 6: Eat a light breakfast/lunch

We typically have a bunch of snacks and candy on hand in the studio, but please make sure you eat a little something before coming into the studio. Some of the poses require a little extra effort and I want to make sure you are energized for your session. Kay, one of our studio hair and makeup artists, calls it sexy yoga, haha.

July 2, 2022

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