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I am an intimate portrait and lifestyle photographer based in New England. When I'm not shooting, I'm spending time with my incredible family and two dogs Brisco and Max.

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“The best self love experience I have ever done” – Client Interview

Client Interview

January 28, 2019

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What motivated you to want to do a boudoir session?

Originally as a gift for my boyfriend, but as the shoot approached I realized I needed the shoot for myself and missing self confidence more than anything.

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What were you most nervous/excited/worried about coming into your session?

I was going through a very big self hate period and was constantly critiquing my legs, stomach rolls, etc. I had a general sense of anxiety about if I would look remotely attractive!

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How did you feel during your session, was there any part that stood out the most to you and why?

Relaxed. Meeting Kay when I first walked in made me feel at ease. She has this warm cheery disposition that makes you feel comfortable. Michele joined us not long after and I felt immediate relief meeting her face to face. The boudoir Facebook group is so full of love and empowerment and Michele brings that to the shoot. During the shoot I felt more comfortable and relaxed and got to enjoy every second of it til the end.

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What were your thoughts/feelings leaving your session?

I have told everyone I have shared my experience with that this was by far the best self love experience I have ever done for myself. For what I thought was going to make my boyfriend smile, made me smile ear to ear walking away from the session. I felt incredible. I felt strong. I felt beautiful. I didn’t care that my body isn’t ideal or that I have cellulite everywhere all of that was behind me after the shoot.

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Any other things you want to share about your experience to other ladies who may be wondering what a boudoir session is like?

Don’t hesitate or wait for the “right time”. Do it now. Do it for yourself. You deserve it! You are a god damn rockstar, you deserve to feel like one during this shoot. You’ll fall in love with things you criticized before on yourself. Trust me. I have tears in my eyes writing this and cannot stress it enough, you will love the love you have for yourself after the shoot.

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