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Top Shelf | Book Clients Easily From Venues You Love Working With

Top Shelf

February 24, 2017

Andy and I visited a venue during their open house while on the search for our own wedding. We fell in love with the venue, but more importantly, they had a selection of sample albums out to peruse while visiting. We found the PERFECT photographer. I mean, this photographer spoke to us in all the ways one can through their photography. We had to book them.

The problem was, there was no information anywhere on the album to tell us who the photographer was. The venue searched up and down for a clue to lead us to this mystery photographer. No dice. We ended up going with someone else, but had we known who the mystery person was, maybe we would have made a different decision. We still don’t know who it was. It’s imperative that you put your photography info somewhere permanently on the album, otherwise, no one will know who to contact.

But let’s back up a sec. The venue we fell in love with, also had an album from a photographer we fell in love with. Who would’ve thought we’d go somewhere and possibly make two decisions. Two purchases in one day. It’s the sample albums that venues showcase that help clients make those decisions. Are you following me?

Creating sample albums is one of the most IMPORTANT investments you can make for your business.

Here’s why:
Couples visit and book venues before they book photographers. We know that. But they book those venues based upon a walkthrough and what they envision their wedding to look like. Here’s where you come in. If you provide an album to a venue, they will advertise your work for you, just by showing couples what it could look and feel like.

Sample albums can be an expensive investment, especially when you are working at multiple venues. Instead, think of it as planting seeds. You’ll be collecting the harvest down the road.

Let’s do the math. Say you book 10 weddings a year, at 10 different venues. You create 10 sample albums, and you plant those ‘seeds’. Now every couple that visits the venue will have an opportunity to see your work, and at a venue they are interested in possibly using!

Even better, you may connect with a couple that saw your album at a venue they didn’t book, but was still blown away by your photography!

Also, venues are excited to show off new albums, especially when the album aligns with the season the couple is getting married in. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter weddings don’t look the same. Help potential couples visualize their weddings and with your photos!

Couples are more likely to book a photographer who has worked at their venue. Win, win!

Sample album DO’s:

1. Create layouts that showcase the venue, couple, and wedding. You want this to appeal to couples while still showing off the uniqueness and beauty of the venue.

2. Meet with the wedding coordinator and deliver the album in person. If the venue is too far, connect with the coordinator and let them know you’re sending an album.

3. Make sure you add your contact information to the first page of the album. Think of it as a title page.

Sample album DON’TS:

1. Don’t wait too long before getting an album to a venue. Add it to your workflow.

2. Don’t add photos that don’t showcase your best work.

3. Don’t skimp on materials. Make sure this is an album you would share with couples you meet in person.

Tip: Create a layout in photoshop to import into each sample album with your contact info.

  1. Excellent recommendations!!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Awesome idea! I just did this for a venue. YOU ROCK!

  3. Lori Stead says:

    Beautifully written, and I love that it is geared toward photographers! Thanks for the tips 😀

  4. LOVE theses TIPS!! What what!! Have you submitted your albums to any venues as a wedding photographer no?

  5. Urška Majer says:

    I think that’s such a great idea if you want to photograph at certain venues more! 🙂

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