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Tips for Brides

How Much Coverage Do You Need on Your Wedding Day?

Tips for Brides

January 24, 2017

6, 8, 10 hours… it can get quite confusing. So how much coverage do you need on your wedding day? This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions I get from couples. The answer? It depends.┬áThe biggest factor (for me) when determining the length of photography coverage for my clients is how many locations are involved and how far away each location is from the next.


Things to consider:

1. Travel
The biggest time consumer of them all. Try minimizing the number of locations. If your ceremony and reception are not at the same place, try getting ready very close to the ceremony.

2. Wedding Party & Family Portraits
Make sure everyone who is in a formal photo knows when and where to be. Time gets lost when people disappear during cocktail hour.

3. Don’t schedule your photographer to stay until the end of the reception.
This one is huge. There’s really no need to have your photographer at the reception for more than one hour of dancing. Plan to get the formal reception events done before the partying, and build a timeline with your photographer that works in about an hour of the PARTY dancing. Believe me, that will be more than enough!

4. The big exit
You wanted to do an exit out of the reception venue, but you just agreed above not to schedule your photographer until the end… what to do?!
Easy, plan a little faux exit 10 minutes before your photographer is scheduled to leave.

5. Customize a timeline with your photographer.
I always create a custom timeline with my couples based on need, and many times I’m willing to do this before booking. Why? I think it’s important to see what you actually need in terms of photography coverage based on your specific plans for the day.

Have more questions? Shoot me a message in the comments or reach out via email.
Happy planning!

How Much Coverage Do You Need | Michele Ashley

  1. Thank you for providing what I think is very useful information!!!

  2. Such great tips for every bride!

  3. Amanda says:

    Excellent post and so helpful for brides!!!

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