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I am an intimate portrait and lifestyle photographer based in New England. When I'm not shooting, I'm spending time with my incredible family and two dogs Brisco and Max.

Hi, I'm Michele. Thanks for stopping by! 

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New site is LIVE!


July 9, 2015

After many intense hours and long days, the new website is officially here! I am so incredibly excited to share it. I am even more excited to get back to blogging!

I had to learn so many new things to get this site up and running.

Between reading the manuals from The Tonic Site Shop, Showit, and ProPhoto, and lots of whining to my husband Andy when things weren’t going right (who was patient with me and showed me things along the way), to large cups of coffee and twelve hour days, I’m leaping for joy over how this beast-turned-baby came out!

Take a look around for yourself, and then come back here and show me some love in the comment section below.

Michele Ashley Photography

michele ashley photography website homepage

And to see some of the older stuff, you can always visit here.

  1. Amber Proctor says:

    As a past bride who loved your work done with us, I love love love seeing your continued work and the amazing things you come up with! I have always referred to your talent as a fine wine and you continue to prove me right! The only problem is every year I want to do it all over again so I can enjoy your new stuff, not to mention enjoy your such fun and lovable company! I can’t wait to see what your full-time future has in store for you, Michele! I will be following right along!

    <3 Amber

  2. Pamela Hnyla says:

    The website, like your photos, is simply stunning!

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