5 Reasons Why You Should Rent the Runway

Happy New Year!!!

Today we have Guest Blogger Michaela (seen in the photos below) giving us her Top 5 Reasons for using Rent the Runway.

In case you didn’t know: Rent the Runway is a service that offers high end designer clothing for rent, giving customers a gorgeous dress or outfit to wear without the high end price.

Michaela’s 5 Reasons To Rent The Runway

  1. You get to wear gorgeous, designer dresses for a fraction of the price. These are photos that you’ll have hanging on your wall and will be looking at for years to come, looking your best is crucial! You invest in high quality photos with an amazing photographer, why skimp on your attire?

    Why you should Rent the Runway | Michaela Moebius | Michele Ashley Photography
  2.  They send it to you with everything you need, and make it totally easy to return. If you’re getting married, you have enough to do. Rent the runway has super fast shipping, and makes it fool-proof to return.

    Why you should Rent the Runway | Michaela Moebius | Michele Ashley Photography
  3. You get a second size for free. If you’re worried you wont know which size to choose, don’t worry! Rent the runway let’s you choose two sizes so you will never end up in a too- tight dress on photoshoot day.

  4. You can order shoes and accessories to match your outfit. Rent the runway even offers multiple suggestions on what would be a great match, making a perfect photo – ready outfit effortless for even those who are not fashion savvy.

  5. Confidence is key: photo day is a major deal, and confidence and feeling great is going to impact the magic in your photos. What better way to amp up your smile by wearing a gorgeous, flattering designer dress without the price tag? Even if your shoot isn’t a black tie affair, Rent the Runway has other options like jackets, casual dresses, and tops to fit whatever vision you have for your shoot.

Still wondering how Rent The Runway works? Have additional questions for Michaela? Comment below and we’ll get them answered for you! All set? Do yourself a favor and check out Rent The Runway here!

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